In The Mother as a Creator, a project spanning 20 years, Taiwanese artist Annie Hsiao-Ching Wang challenges the stereotypes and highlights the complexities of motherhood and self-representation.
Photography: Annie Wang
Text: Ligia Popławska, Annie Wang

Motherhood is a long-term process full of a myriad of complex feelings Wang underlines in her statement. Through a practice of self-portrait Wang attempted to reconcile her role as both Mother and artist to express complexity of motherhood. 

The photographs, taken year after year, capture the essential moments between the mother and child, marking different stages of their common life experiences. Starting from the first self-portrait taken in 2001, one day before Wang was due to give birth, the photographer continued to take portraits with her son each year in front of the previous photograph. Thus different life stages appear layered on photograph’s surfaces throughout the years, unfolding into a beautiful ode to motherhood. 

The series, in artist words, not only proves that the Mother can maintain her sense of self, but also that creativity can overturn many of the myths associated with Motherhood.