Ola Rindal

Dag Madoka Miya

Contemplating balance: a dreamy and intimate portrait of Ola Rindal's closest family.
Artist: Ola Rindal
Title: Dag Madoka Miya
Designer: Tony Cederteg
Dimensions: 14 x 20 cm
Number of pages: 66 x 3 publications
Publisher: Libraryman
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“Nothing is like a sleeping child.” – Ola Rindal

In Dag Madoka Miya, the work of Ola Rindal is a study in contradictions: intensely intimate yet protective of his subjects, warm and fuzzy even when you’re viewing a literal icicle. It urges the viewer to be more inquisitive while keeping him at arm’s length. Maybe in this work the photographer is revealing to us that most sought-after thing called balance. But what if balance is a state of peaceful equilibrium so achievable, so within reach, that we could get there by simply shifting the way we view the world around us? What if balance has been there all along?

The book is divided into three publications – one for each family member of the author: son, wife and daughter, in alphabetical order. Each publication has an identical page count and number of images. The photographs were taken in Norway, Japan and France, where the artist’s family originated from.

Ola Rindal is a Norwegian photographer based in Paris, France. He graduated from the Photography and Film department at Gothenburg University in 1997. He has published several photography books with his work and contributed to many fashion and lifestyle magazines.