Lena C. Emery


In Rie, the first photo book by London-based photographer Lena C. Emery, the artist captures Japanese women in states of vulnerability, studying the powerful notion of being naked, free from any kind of surveyor.
Artist: Lena C. Emery
Title: Rie
Dimensions: 21 x 29 cm
Number of pages: 78
Binding: Offset printed linen-bound hardcover
Publisher: Kominek Books
Availability: Buy a copy here

‘Rie’ (The Self and The Body) looks at the perceived physical self anew. By assuming a purposefully naive stance it tries to expel all applied notions of how our bodies ought to be perceived and replaces them with an openness that breeds power from vulnerability. A first step in mending our disconnected beings, to allow for our bodies to be free of outer or inner judgement, free from any kind of surveyor, so they can return to their elemental purpose of being the vessels through which we can rebuild a deeply sensory relationship with our natural environment. ‘Rie’ marks the beginning of the two consecutive book projects:  ‘Yuka & The Forest’ which looks at the self in connection with our natural environment (The Self and Nature), and the upcoming book ‘I Undressed to Climb A Tree’ examines the self in relation to our built environment (The Self and Cities). – Lena C. Emery