Dinaya Waeyaert

Come Closer

Photographer Dinaya Waeyaert has been photographing her girlfriend Paola since they fell in love four years ago.
Artist: Dinaya Waeyaert
Title: Come Closer
Dimensions: 17 x 24 cm
Number of pages: 164
Publisher: Die Nacht
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Dinaya Waeyaert: “Ever since we fell in love, I have felt the urge to photograph her every day. As part of this series you will find mostly colour and black-and-white 35mm pictures accompanied by polaroids, notes and contact sheets, but it also features videos.”

“The work feels like an intimate conversation between her and me. I am an observer trying to grasp every playful moment, every moment of connection. Seeing someone so versatile and constantly changing, I tend to overload her with my presence. And then there is her, my subject, someone who feels more like a muse to me. Loving me like no one ever did.”

InĀ Come Closer you get to see the love between two women from up close.