Bettina Pittaluga’s intimate stories on diversity.
Photography: Bettina Pittaluga

A French-Uruguayan photographer Bettina Pittaluga deconstructs the hegemony of representation and finds beauty in authenticity, focusing on giving visibility to these who are under represented.

Which theme or question is central to your work?

I very strongly think that the omnipresence of whiteness, youth, heterosexuality, the cis man, thinness, wealth… in the media is a huge problem. It is a completely unequal vision of the human race. And I precisely think that this unequal representation is largely responsible for racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, grossophobia until the rejection of old age. It is very important for me to do everything to continue to deconstruct this hegemony, and I will not stop invoking all these fights until they are won.

What is your main interest in the subjects you photograph?

Authenticity is what conducts my life, and therefore my work. I studied sociology and also worked as a reporter. It’s really second nature for me to compose with what is already present and existent. It’s in reality that I find inspiration. To me, the relationship needs to exist, even if it is very short-lived. Human connexions, sharing, confidence, for my part it is vital to my creation, it’s always a shared creation. I create an area of consideration, respect and caring all round, and I let the person be.

What do you find the most fascinating and challenging in your photographic process?

Every part of it. The fascinating part is the encounters I get to have with my work. And the most challenging part is my political commitment.

How do you build up an intimate relationship with the people in front of your camera?

I like to think that it happens naturally, I look at the person, and I photograph what they want to give me.

Where does this intimate relationship ends for you?

I believe that it never ends, and moreover I often take the same people in photos, when an intimacy is created, for me it never disappears.