The Screw of a Door’s Latch is a work that engages with technological growth and the vulnerabilities and fear it can create. The work stems from a personal experience of living in an environment where such problems are becoming an epidemic.
Photography: Whitney Arlana

Whitney Arlana: “When using public bathrooms, I’d notice dozens of holes in the cubicle walls filled with toilet paper. I saw warnings in South Korean female facebook groups about cameras being found in taxis, subways, change-rooms and even assumably safe hotel rooms”.

The footage and photos are streamed onto anonymous websites where subscribers watch woman unannounced in private moments, unaware of their audience. This leaves woman with feelings of vulnerability, paranoia and the fear of being publicly displayed. Subsequently, many are dismissed for being overreactive or irrational.

This is where the work departs and aims to convey the lived experience, both through the chaos and calm of potentially being watched.