In more ways than I could have imagined, becoming a father has been an overwhelming experience. With the beauty of parenthood came a vulnerability that I had never felt before. It left me with a heart full of doubts and a head full of questions. Our first child was born in July 2007.

In June 2009, his second birthday just around the corner, we travelled to the Ard├Ęche region in France. The photographs in this book were made as a record of our days spent there. Away from an everyday context, far from our daily routines and patterns, things rise to the surface. Relationships become visible. The incredible bond between a mother and her son. (What is my part?) Almost tangible. Having returned to these photographs many times since then, it took me until now to realize this. To see and to recognize. Today I am a father of two boys. Some time has passed, and some of those questions have found answers that seem, for now, somewhat sufficient. It is however the vulnerability that remains.