Delivering Flowers to Grandpa Jack is a project about home. Shot in Kovi’s hometown of Long Beach, California, the photographs pay tribute to the elements of his home that many would find commonplace and un- extraordinary, highlighting the beauty of familiarity that can transform the mundane of one’s hometown into something very personal.
Photography: Kovi Konowiecki

Long Beach is by no measure a small town, but for Kovi, it has always felt like one. Childhood friends always seem to gather on the same street corner; the same golden hue hits the rooftops every evening right before the sun goes down.

The photographs’ devotion to the elements of the everyday signifies how the special feeling one associates with their hometown does not come from the place itself—it comes from being from the place. The photographs also endeavor to illustrate how the familiar sentiments attributed to one’s hometown are oftentimes undefined by the contours of time. In this sense, the photographs maintain an aura of timelessness through their ethereal and golden light. Undefined by a specific era, the people depicted in the series exist in a setting created by Kovi’s perception of home — a place that remains intimate and ageless — an embodiment of the feeling that no matter how many years pass, and no matter how many things change, there are certain things that never change.