Jesse Boyd-Reid is a Melbourne based contemporary artist working photographically to explore themes of intimacy, family, queerness and connection.
Photography: Jesse Boyd-Reid

Through a speculative documentary approach to image-making, Boyd-Reid examines the notion of family and the cyclical nature of life and death by documenting those closest to him. In his ongoing series A Small Pool of White Light, Boyd-Reid follows the ebb and flow of his family’s passage through life, illustrating private scenes his family has allowed him to document in an effort to understand the range of experiences that not only make up their own lives, but point to the ways in which the personal is an expression of the universal.

When photographed, the space between the body and its surroundings in daily life – in play, sleep, work, and contemplation – can speak to larger themes of home, intimacy, sexuality, and death. Through the collation and arrangement of images, Boyd-Reid weaves together an intimate monograph of family life.