With Family Car Trouble, Gus Powell plays with the form of the novel, both as material object and as narrative vehicle for expressing interior life.
Photography: Gus Powell

The work records and reckons with the arrival of children, the departure of a father, and the maintenance of a difficult 1993 Volvo 940 Turbo station wagon. A new classic of the Automotive Bereavement Parenting genre.

Gus Powell was born in New York City in 1974. He is the author of <em>The Company of Strangers, The Lonely Ones, Family Car Trouble</em> and B<em>rooklyn BRIEF</em>. His work has appeared in Aperture, The New Yorker, A Public Space, and Vogue. He is a member of the street photography collective UP and on the MFA faculty of the School of Visual Arts, NY. He is represented by Sasha Wolf Projects (NY), Lee Marks Fine Art (IN), and Micamera (Milano). He currently maintains a used Volvo wagon in Brooklyn with his wife and two daughters.