The female body through the lens of Bea De Giacomo.
Photography: Bea De Giacomo

A part of the research of the Italian photographer Bea De Giacomo is based on restoring new connections between her and her family. During these intimate and private moments, the nature of her relationship with them evolves and finds new meanings. In Linea Alba the photographer focused on her sister’s pregnancy, especially on the belly, exploring the relationship between the transformed body and the space.

Bea De Giacomo lives and works in Milan. Her work focuses on people and stories, always told in a delicate and natural way. She alway looks for authenticity. Over recent years she has focused on portraiture and publishing projects. Her work is known internationally and her collaborations include prestigious magazines and brands such as The New York Times, M le Monde, Vogue Italia, Chanel, Miu Miu.