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Dinaya Waeyaert

Come Closer

Photographer Dinaya Waeyaert has been photographing her girlfriend Paola since they fell in love four years ago.
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Features a selection of photographic stories exporing the subject of intimacy

The Self exploration of the self trough portraiture

Tokyo Rumando

Tokyo Rumando is the artistic name of a young Tokyo photographer (1980) who, after a career in modelling turned the camera lens on herself. In carefully crafted scenes, she not only creates imagined characters but also delves into all the existing personas in herself.
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Jenny Rova

ÄLSKLING a self-portrait through the eyes of my lovers

In the work ÄLSKLING a self-portrait through the eyes of my lovers, visual artist Jenny Rova (b. 1972, Sweden) presents a self-portrait, but from the perspective of others. She asked her ex-boyfriends and lovers to give her the pictures they made of her during their relationship, ending up with a series that spans 25 years of her life.
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Printed Stories a selection of publications focussing on intimacy